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Pilot Sport PS2

Features and Benefits

Precision handling and control in high-speed cornering thanks to the Formula One-spired four-groove tread design, which provides greater stability in the tread and contact area under extreme conditions.
Reduced tread noise due to an acoustically tuned asymmetrical tread pattern.
Maximum dry grip and handling without sacrificing treadlife as a result of a rigid tread design and a softer and sticker tread compound.
Superior handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions as a result of an asymmetrical tread design featuring more grooves for water evacuation on the inside shoulder and massive tread blocks for maximum handling on the outside shoulder.
Uniform shape at high speeds, improved ride quality, steering precision and high-speed durability due to size-optimized, precisely placed individual Aramid-nylon hybrid filaments via patented C3M Technology.
Extreme predictability in wet and dry maximum handling conditions through the use of highly specialized dual side-by-side tread compounding, one optimized for maximum dry grip and the other optimized for wet handling, wear and durability.
Maximized contact patch area puts more rubber on the road for precise steering and confident handling during extreme cornering due to a design breakthrough called the Variable Contact Patch system.
Aggressive styling thanks to ULP (Ultra Low Profile) technology consisting of a carcass shape optimized for very short sidewalls (as low as 25 series).

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Size MSPN Price Each  
205/55ZR17/XL 61958 $233.95 More Info
225/40ZR18XL 04926 $227.95 More Info
225/40ZR18 84568 $331.95 More Info
225/40ZR18XL 07003 $220.95 More Info
235/35R19XL 18060 $277.95 More Info
235/40R18 16460 $216.95 More Info
235/50ZR17 52497 $232.95 More Info
245/35ZR18XL 92789 $246.95 More Info
245/40ZR18 78156 $333.95 More Info
255/35ZR18XL 45327 $358.95 More Info
255/40ZR17 11435 $267.95 More Info
255/40ZR19 62677 $400.95 More Info
265/35ZR19 19599 $315.95 More Info
265/40ZR17 44359 $339.95 More Info
265/40ZR18XL 26341 $321.95 More Info
275/35ZR18 32611 $469.95 More Info
P275/35ZR18LL 43657 $351.95 More Info
275/40ZR17 39119 $372.95 More Info
285/30ZR18 42284 $453.95 More Info
285/35ZR20/XL 90864 $379.95 More Info
295/25ZR22XL 83945 $345.95 More Info
295/30ZR18XL 39489 $429.95 More Info
295/30ZR18XL 24923 $429.95 More Info
295/30ZR19XL 62471 $376.95 More Info
295/35ZR18 05271 $438.95 More Info
305/30ZR19XL 41526 $439.95 More Info
315/30ZR18 09883 $465.95 More Info
P325/30ZR19LL 15925 $442.95 More Info
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